ColorFlow 4 (iOS 11)

  • Color your music! ColorFlow matches the UI to your music's album artwork.

    ColorFlow 4 works:

    • On the Lock Screen
    • In the Music app
    • In the Spotify app

    ColorFlow 4 supports all iOS 11 devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

    (Tested on Spotify v8.4.67)

    Tweak Compatibility:

    • NoctisXI: Disable NoctisXI's Darken Media for ColorFlow Lock Screen support
    • Slyph: Disable ColorFlow's Larger Now Playing View under the Lock Screen settings and respring

    Configure ColorFlow 4 from Settings.

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  • If you previously purchased Ventana through Cydia Store, please check for an email from us with directions to transfer your purchase to Chariz.
  • Compatible with iOS 8, 9, 10 and 11.

    Make use of your device's screen real-estate with a modern lock screen inspired by desktop Windows 10!


    1. Slide up to unlock!
    2. Support for using native notifications and notification tweaks on iOS 10 and higher!
    3. Custom Metro-inspired notifications on all iOS versions! (Optional on iOS 10 and higher)
    4. Option to group notifications and sort them by app
    5. Media Controls inspired by desktop Windows 10 (for iPad) or Windows 10 mobile (for iPhone)
    6. Quick reply support in notifications (iOS 9 and higher only)
    7. Siri ("Cortana-like") suggestions on the lock screen (iPad only)
    8. Force touch support in notifications (native style only)
    9. Full, unhindered access to lock screen widgets and camera (iOS 10 and higher only)
    10. Option to enable lock screen clock seconds

    Ventana, the first modern lock screen designed specifically for large-screen iOS devices!

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  • Harpy

    The ultimate jailbreak app for controlling the users on your network.


    • List all users on your local network/hotspot
    • Block Users from connecting to the internet on your local network
    • Block users from using your hotspot network


    iOS 11+

    Harpy was built with unc0ver in mind as unc0ver has all of the binaries necessary to do the functions of Harpy. That being said, if you have any suggestions on compatibility feel free to contact me

    Special Thanks

    Special Thanks to Apollo Justice and Creature Survive for compiling the binaries and helping me along with the hitches

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  • Screenshots

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  • A basic Perl program that makes Debian software packages (.deb files) without needing dpkg installed. It works as a drop-in replacement for dpkg-deb -b, with compatible flags. is included with and used by Theos, so if you’re wanting to use this with Theos, you’re likely already using it. (If not, update!)

    More information and issue tracker at the GitHub repo.

    Install Perl from first.

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