• Dimid - your smart screen dimmer

  • 28/08/2018 UPDATE:

    - ACTIVATOR support added !

    - "Prevent videos dim" support extended to some other apps that weren't triggering it

    - Fixed minor bugs

  • 11/08/2018 UPDATE:

    - Preventing dimming on videos (Safari, Youtube, Music App, anywhere there's a video playing)

    - SuperDim (just like ScreenOff option except tap to wake works, works best on iPhone X's OLED screens but quite battery saving if used with 0 brightness and maximum SuperDim on non-iPhone X as well)

    - Wake up to AUTO brightness

    - Wake up to ORIGINAL brightness (whatever you set in the CC brightness module at any time; updates at any change)

  • Why do you want this ?

    - Do you ever feel the need to have custom fixed timed dimming instead of just iOS stock dim ?
    - Would you like to save more battery while talking on the phone but not in proximity ? Or perhaps listen to some audio with your phone unlocked
    - Are you often in situations where you need to use your phone on and off but don't want to waste time unlocking it ?

    All these have a solution: this tweak for the cost of an ice-cream

  • Settings

    Control Center

  • Features :

    • Choose the amount of time after which it should start dimming the screen (hours:minutes)
    • Choose what to deactivate the dimming:
      • Touching the screen
      • Moving the phone
      • Resting your finger on TouchID
      • Pressing the side buttons
    • Choose 3 dimming settings:
      • Brightness while dimmed
      • Whether you want the screen totally off (digitizer and backlight - super battery saver but remember you can only deactivate with buttons or TouchID, not with the taps anymore)
      • Brightness when deactivating from one of the above chosen actions
      • Motion sensitivity in case you enabled motion wake up
    • CC Module for enabling/disabling the tweak just a tap away !
    • Open to improvements and additions


  • License
    $1.49 USD
    Last Updated
    iOS Supported
    11.0 to 11.4
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