• Fixes issues from 2.0


  • Completely rewritten using autolayout
  • Fixes CC issue on iOS 12
  • Added support for RTL languages
  • Removes libcolorpicker dependency and custom color option
  • Updated notch color logic to be more readable (default - green, low power mode - yellow, low battery - red)
  • Preferences now take effect immediately without requiring a respring
  • Tentative XS Max and XR support (minus notch settings)


  • Fixed an issue where the battery fill blocked the battery icons (iOS 12)
  • Fixed an issue where the Notch would not display (iOS 12)


  • Fixed a bug where the notch would be visible in landscape mode (thanks gilshahar7 and AppleBetas)


  • Added a charging indicator to the battery + % style
  • Known issues:
  • Notch showing in Control Center, try installing "CCLessStatusBar" if it bugs you
  • Notch showing in landscape


  • (Finally) fixed bar not displaying after opening the control center


  • Fixed bug that caused rejailbreaking to take a long time
  • Fixed bug causing right-to-left languages to be reversed
  • Added the status bar back to the control center
  • Added new battery style
  • Added 2 new bar settings
  • Added custom color override for bar
  • Added more bar customizations
  • Added the ability to add/hide % icon for each battery style


  • Initial release