• For many websites, there is an accompanying app available from the App Store, which provides a better experience than their mobile website. Some have a button that lets you jump to the same place in their app, however there are others that don’t have this feature.
    With LinkOpener, you can now tap a link for a variety of websites, and be taken to the app immediately.
  • Supported services are:
    Cydia package details translations
    eBay listings and searches
    Facebook profiles
    file:// URLs (supports iFile and Filza) GitHub (supports iOctocat)
    IMDb details pages
    Instagram images/videos, profiles, hashtags, and locations
    Overcast podcasts and episodes
    Reddit subreddits and threads (supports Submarine and Alien Blue, in that order)
    Tumblr blogs and posts
    Twitter profiles and Tweets (supports Tweetbot, Twitterrific, and Twitter, in that order)
    Vine profiles and videos
    Yelp listings, check-ins, and searches

    If you have a suggestion, you can email us by tapping the "Author" button above.


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