1.0 beta 3

  • Changes the launch action (short tap) to open the expanded notification. You can tap the artwork to open the app.
  • Introduces a redesigned Now Playing widget, including a collapsed mode.
  • The new widget is also displayed in the Canzone lock screen notification.
  • Removes playback controls from the banner and notification center - they seem out-of-place.
  • Adds a setting to disable the playback controls on the banner notification.
  • Reddit thread

1.0 beta 2

  • Adds quick playback controls to the notification.
  • Fixes a crash when pulling down the banner notification.
  • Fixes some layout issues in the expanded notification window.
  • Ensures the album art in the notification is updated if it changes (e.g. when it finishes downloading from a streaming service, or during a podcast).
  • Reddit thread

1.0 beta 1