• hbhackertools is a package that users of the command line on jailbroken iOS may find useful to install. It automatically installs a slew of extremely useful command line tools, common libraries, and Crash Reporter. It also includes two tools of its own: msd (Substrate tweak disabler/enabler) and spring (convenient shortcut for respring/safe mode).
    If you’re unsure whether you need this package, you most likely don’t and can just install NewTerm (or a similar terminal app) or OpenSSH.
  • Full list: 7-zip, adv-cmds, APT, basic-cmds, bootstrap-cmds, bzip2, class-dump, coreutils, Crash Reporter, cURL, Cycript, Cydia Substrate, developer-cmds, diffutils, diskdev-cmds, Erica Utilities, file, file-cmds, findutils, Flipswitch, gawk, gdb, git, gzip, inetutils, iokittools, ldid, less, lsof, make, nano, network-cmds, OpenSSH, patch, pincrush, pngcrush, PreferenceLoader, RocketBootstrap, rsync, sbutils, shell-cmds, subversion, sudo, symbolicate, system-cmds, tar, top, UIKit Tools, unrar, unzip, wget, whois, xar, xml2, zip
  • It's recommended that you add the following repos:,,, Not required, but packages from these repos are slightly newer.


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