• Adds a bell sound (disabled by default), and option to disable the HUD bell icon.
  • Fixes the settings not applying.
  • Fixes some issues with terminal color handling, including text being invisible on reverse video backgrounds (e.g. in nano).
  • Fixes a crash on launch on some jailbreaks.
  • Disables link detection for now as a workaround for links becoming invisible.
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  • Adds support for the iPhone X screen.
  • Adds an extra function key row — tap “Fn” to access Home/End, Page Up/Down, Delete Forward, and the app settings.
  • Changes the behavior of the Esc key to send the Esc command immediately, rather than waiting for you to press another key.
  • When tapping the status bar to jump to the top of the terminal, you can now tap it again to jump back to the bottom.
  • Adds a “Basic (Dark)” theme similar to the one included with macOS Mojave.
  • Significant performance improvements when the terminal history is long.
  • Removes support for iOS 6. Sorry, it just made some things too complicated and there were a number of bugs. NewTerm 1 is still available for iOS 4.3 – 6.1.
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2.0 Beta 3

  • Adds support for iOS 11. (iPhone X screen support still to come.)
  • Fixes keyboard buttons not working on iPad.
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2.0 Beta 2

  • Fixes an issue where the terminal would fail to start (sandbox error) with g0blin.
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2.0 Beta 1