1.3.1 Beta 5

  • Fixes random SpringBoard crashes.
  • Fixes AccessibilityUIServer crash fix I accidentally removed (whoops).

1.3.1 Beta 4

  • Fixes many different weird crashes due to fake status bars (used in places such as the app switcher snapshots).
  • More reliably injects into the status bar.
  • Removes support for CarPlay until TypeStatus properly supports its UI.

1.3.1 Beta 3

  • Fixes a crash in AccessibilityUIServer when certain iOS accessibility features are enabled.
  • Fixes the positioning of the overlay icon when the Bold Text accessibility feature is enabled.
  • Hides the lock screen notification center grabber when displaying an overlay.
  • Adds Dutch translations (thanks tmnlsthrn!).

1.3.1 Beta 2

  • Fixes a SpringBoard crash when receiving a notification after the device has been in use for a while. (Sorry)

1.3.1 Beta 1

  • Improves code that adds the TypeStatus overlay to the status bar.
  • Fixes a crash when a notification occurs while the status bar is hidden.
  • Allows installation when using efrederickson's build of libstatusbar.
  • Adds Finnish translations (thanks karranto!).
  • Unsure how well this build works on iOS 5 and 6. If you experience issues, please get in touch via the TypeStatus settings or the "Author" link on TypeStatus' Cydia details page.


  • Fixes an issue that could cause a crash when showing an overlay on the lock screen.
  • Adds Czech translations (thanks david19au!).
  • Many little code improvements.
  • This is the last version of TypeStatus that will support iOS 5 and 6. Future updates (except bug fixes for version 1.3) will be coming in a new TypeStatus 2 package.

1.3 Beta 1 (R2)

  • Fixes settings not being compiled for ARM64 devices.
  • Sets a specific requirement for the latest libstatusbar, which has full support for iOS 8.

1.3 Beta 1

  • Fixes issues with daemons crashing or using high CPU on iOS 8.
  • Fixes the typing and read icons not displaying in overlays on iOS 8.
  • Fixes an issue that could cause a crash when showing an overlay on the lock screen.
  • Fixes status bar icons not showing on the lock screen.
  • Adds a setting for a status bar icon for read receipts.
  • Adds Retina HD graphics for iPhone 6 Plus (thanks Surenix!).
  • Adds Simplified Chinese translation (thanks zsm1703!).
  • Many little code improvements.

1.2 (1.1.1 Release Candidate)

  • Fixes all cases that could cause a crash when the status bar is hidden.
  • Fixes contact names not being shown on iOS 6.
  • Adds support for VoiceOver (overlay is automatically spoken).

1.1.1 Beta 6

  • Temporarily removes support for hidden status bars (fixes crashes when the status bar is hidden).
  • Fixes rare cases of “Buddy Name” being shown instead of the actual contact name.
  • Fixes a Settings crash when both Status Bar Icon and Status Bar Overlay are enabled for typing alerts.
  • Fixes translations not working.
  • Organizes typing and read settings into sub-pages.
  • Some little code improvements.

1.1.1 Beta 5

  • Fixes contact names not being shown on iOS 7. TypeStatus uses your settings for short contact names. You can change this by opening Settings, then tapping "Mail, Contacts, Calendars", followed by "Short Name".
  • Fixes an issue that caused images to not send.
  • Hopefully fixes the status bar icon failing to disappear.
  • Retrieves status bar color information in a more reliable way. This should fix issues with StatusBarFix2 installed.
  • Intercepts notifications in a more reliable way on iOS 5 and 6. (iOS 7 was already using this reliable route.)
  • Many little bug fixes and improvements.

1.1.1 Beta 4 (r2)

  • Fixes an issue that caused TypeStatus to not completely uninstall unless the device is rebooted.

1.1.1 Beta 4

  • Adds basic support for iOS 7. This includes support for iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini (second generation), and new icons (thanks Surenix!). Please note that a lot has changed under the hood of TypeStatus in order to accommodate the changes Apple made in iOS 7. If you're on iOS 5 (and possibly also iOS 6), you must open Messages at least once after installing TypeStatus for it to work.

1.1.1 Beta 3

  • Fixes an issue that caused the status bar text to be brighter after the TypeStatus overlay is shown.
  • Adds support for apps that hide the status bar.

1.1.1 Beta 2

  • Fixes an issue where opening a backgrounded app would re-show any overlays that were shown while it was closed.

1.1.1 Beta 1

  • Inter-app communication code has been overhauled in an attempt to fix crashes on app launch and freezes when playing music. Please contact us via Twitter (@hbangws) or via the "Author" link on TypeStatus' Cydia details page if you still experience these issues.

1.1 Beta 6 (1.1~beta-272)

  • All bugs and freezes are fixed.
  • Added a bit more polish around the place.

1.1 Beta 5 (1.1~beta-229)

  • Temporarily disables overlays in Messages and biteSMS in order to prevent the majority of SpringBoard freezes caused by TypeStatus.
  • Adds a slider to choose how long overlays are shown.
  • Fixes issue causing status bar to sometimes disappear.
  • Fixes read receipt overlays showing for your own messages.
  • Fixes positioning issues with double-height status bars.
  • Hopefully adds support for iOS 5 white status bars. (I haven't been able to test this; let me know if it's broken or doesn't look right)
  • Extremely minor overlay UI tweaks.
  • Redesigned "About" page in the settings.

1.1 Beta 4a (1.1~beta-139)

  • Super quick fix that disables overlays inside Mail in order to prevent it from crashing. A better fix is coming.

1.1 Beta 4 (1.1~beta-137)

  • Rotation bugs should all be fixed.
  • The overlay now animates the original status bar away when it is shown.
  • Adds a “Read” icon - thanks once again to Surenix!
  • Supports showing contact names.
  • The contact name is no longer bolded to make it easier to distinguish.
  • Adds a button in the Settings page to share TypeStatus to social networks.
  • Added Swedish and Russian translations; fixed Norwegian translations.

1.1 Beta 3 (1.1~beta-79)

  • Hopefully fixes a bug causing only part of the overlay icon to be visible in the top-left.
  • Splits “Hide In Messages” into separate switches for Typing and Read.
  • Adds Greek and Norwegian translations.
  • Adds an “About” section to the settings.

1.1 Beta 2 (1.1~beta-54)

  • Adds awesome icons by Surenix.

1.1 Beta 1a (1.1~beta-53)

  • Fixes Cydia update loop.
  • Fixes overlay appearing on top of banners.

1.1 Beta 1 (1.1~beta-52)

  • First public beta release of TypeStatus 1.1.
  • Adds a status bar overlay that shows the email address or number of the person typing.
  • Adds support for showing overlays for read receipts.