TypeStatus 2

  • Requires RocketBootstrap beta from https://rpetrich.com/repo/.
  • Ever wish you could tell when someone else is typing an iMessage to you or reading an iMessage you’ve sent from where ever you are? With TypeStatus, now you can. The contact’s name will be shown on your device’s status bar, regardless of where you are in iOS. You can also use a simple status bar icon instead of an overlay for typing notifications.

    TypeStatus now also allows you to enable/disable typing and read receipt notifications on a per-contact basis. To access these settings, tap “Details” from your conversation in the Messages app.

  • Looking for more features, including support for more messaging apps, smartwatch integration, and Notification Center integration? Check out TypeStatus Plus!

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  • Harpy

    The ultimate jailbreak app for controlling the users on your network.


    • List all users on your local network/hotspot
    • Block Users from connecting to the internet on your local network
    • Block users from using your hotspot network


    iOS 11+

    Harpy was built with unc0ver in mind as unc0ver has all of the binaries necessary to do the functions of Harpy. That being said, if you have any suggestions on compatibility feel free to contact me

    Special Thanks

    Special Thanks to Apollo Justice and Creature Survive for compiling the binaries and helping me along with the hitches

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  • Screenshots

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  • A basic Perl program that makes Debian software packages (.deb files) without needing dpkg installed. It works as a drop-in replacement for dpkg-deb -b, with compatible flags.

    dm.pl is included with and used by Theos, so if you’re wanting to use this with Theos, you’re likely already using it. (If not, update!)

    More information and issue tracker at the GitHub repo.

    Install Perl from repo.bingner.com first.

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  • Support package for LaughingQuoll tweaks

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  • Only compatible with iPhone
  • SqueakTime gives you the famous animated mice on your Lock Screen along with many other Apple Watch Faces from the Apple Watch App. The clock hands all animate properly. Complications are not supported.
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  • Screenshots

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Local SSH

  • Have you ever wanted to use your favorite SSH client on your phone to access your phone? Well now you can. After installation, open your favorite SSH client, input or localhost as the hostname and 2222 as the port, and you are good to go!

    Now supports unc0ver and Electra

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  • Mojito is a free spiritual successor to the theme going by the name of Ayeris. While the style is different with its own twist of blending skeuomorphism and minimalism, the target demographic is similar and people who enjoyed Ayeris will likely enjoy Mojito.


    Mojito is a gift to the jailbreak community and will never cost you a penny. It was made with love and care, not in Cupertino but in Europe. This theme goes very well with BlurryBadges, Noctis, Melior and ClassicFolders 2 with the "Mavericks" folder theme on.
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SemiRestore11 / Rollectra

  • Using this tool will restore the RootFS to its stock state and reset the user data. So creating a backup using iTunes before using it is recommended. It supports all devices running iOS 11.3 to 11.4 Beta 3. The 11.2 to 11.2.6 support will be coming really soon. The 11.0 to 11.1.2 support will also be added in the near future. Although there's an option to not perform a full restore and keep the user data, I would really not recommend it, since it will leave a lot of left-overs from your jailbreak. Follow me at @Pwn20wnd for future updates about this tool or to troubleshoot any unexpected behavior that you may be having with this tool.

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  • Dimid - your smart screen dimmer

  • 28/08/2018 UPDATE:

    - ACTIVATOR support added !

    - "Prevent videos dim" support extended to some other apps that weren't triggering it

    - Fixed minor bugs

  • 11/08/2018 UPDATE:

    - Preventing dimming on videos (Safari, Youtube, Music App, anywhere there's a video playing)

    - SuperDim (just like ScreenOff option except tap to wake works, works best on iPhone X's OLED screens but quite battery saving if used with 0 brightness and maximum SuperDim on non-iPhone X as well)

    - Wake up to AUTO brightness

    - Wake up to ORIGINAL brightness (whatever you set in the CC brightness module at any time; updates at any change)

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  • Compatible with iOS 11. For lower iOS versions, please use Evanesco (Without the XI).

    Evanesco(XI), named after the vanishing spell HP <3, is a small modification which makes your icons disappear after a defined time of inactivity. Perfect for privacy and putting some focus on your wallpaper.

    All settings configured from the settings app.

    Tweak by CP Digital Darkroom. Updated by 1Conan

    Changes over Evanesco


    • Status Bar fading on iOS 11.
    • iPad Dock Fading on iOS 11.


    • Slide out the iPad Dock instead of fading.


    • Dropped iOS 10 >= support.
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